Kouros LAB

The fight against climate change requires technological innovations to decarbonize certain activities, improve the efficiency of production, transport, distribution and energy use processes and drastically reduce costs.

In order to support innovation and anticipate the next technological breakthroughs and infrastructures of tomorrow, Kouros has set up its own incubator, Kouros Lab.

Kouros Lab aims to support internal and external innovations with a strong culture of openness and cross-fertilization. Kouros Lab provides a framework for the transition from idea to future activity. Incubation lasts from 6 to 24 months depending on the subject. 

Carbonloop and Hyliko are the first two examples of the Kouros incubation process. As ideas in 2020, they were incubated between 2020 and 2021 to become self-sustaining new businesses.

Kouros Lab focuses on the products and uses of tomorrow.


Syngas or synthetic gas is a mixture of CO, H2, CO2 and CH4. Syngas is produced by pyrolysis of biomass or waste. 

Syngas is set to play a major role in the energy transition as it offers a rare and valuable alternative to effectively decarbonize industry by replacing natural gas. Purified into hydrogen, syngas offers a locally available renewable fuel.

Kouros Lab works closely with Carbonloop (Kouros Group), a producer of syngas and hydrogen through biomass pyrolysis.


In 2023, Kouros Lab signed a partnership with H2Site, a Spanish startup at the forefront of the membrane separation field.

H2Site will develop and deliver to Kouros Lab a prototype reactor to be installed and tested at the Kouros Lab test platform by the end of 2023.