Innovative projects

Kouros is an investor in innovative companies and projects that can bring us rapidly closer to carbon neutrality.

decarbonise the economy

Kouros invests in new infrastructure allowing to produce, transport and distribute the renewable energies needed to decarbonise the economy.

innovative startups

Kouros also invests in innovative startups developing the new technologies needed for these new energy infrastructures.

Investment : december 2018
NAWA Technologies designs, manufactures, and sells products based on vertically aligned carbon nanotubes for the composite and hydrogen markets.
Investment: February 2019
Ergosup develops ultra-high pressure electrolysers.
Investment: June 2019
Hysetco deploys and operates a hydrogen mobility platform (production, distribution, vehicles) for intensive urban vehicles.
Investment: June 2019
Exit: september 2022
Hype deploys and operates a hydrogen mobility platform (production, distribution and vehicles) for taxis and ride hailing drivers.
Investment: June 2019
Powerhive deploys and operates mini-grids in Kenya.
Investment: July 2019
Haffner Energy develops and manufactures equipment producing hydrogen from biomass (thermolysis).
Investment: september 2020
Sunna Design manufactures autonomous solar public lightning.
Investment: December 2021
Vertical Aerospace is a world leader in electric VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing).