About us

Founded in 2016 by French investor Alexandre Garèse, Kouros is an industrial investment company dedicated to the energy transition and climate issues.

Operational since the beginning of 2018, Kouros now brings together a multidisciplinary team of experts in electricity, natural gas, LNG and hydrogen.
Kouros has made 8 investments, (1 of which is completed), created 2 new companies and developed a unique and well-known expertise notably in the field of hydrogen.


Vision & Strategy

Kouros is mobilising its technical and financial expertise to make a useful and rapid contribution to these two urgent challenges.

To this end, and under the impetus of its founder and investor, Kouros is developing a unique business model; acting both as an investor in existing companies as well as an entrepreneur, developing its own projects.

Kouros provides with both financial support and an in-depth expertise over questions of renewable energy production, transport and distribution infrastructures as well as cutting-edge technologies. The link between technologies and infrastructure is at the heart of Kouros’ development model.

To ensure this rapid transition and respond to the climate urgency, Kouros is developing an approach that lies at the intersection of technology and usage.

A method that consists of both removing the technological barriers and developing in parallel the infrastructures necessary for the deployment and adoption of these technologies.

An expert team

The Kouros team

Francis Bretnacher Kouros

Francis Bretnacher

Managing Director-Kouros SA

Alain Rossignol Kouros

Alain Rossignol

President-Kouros France

Florent Bergeret Kouros

Florent Bergeret

Head of Strategy and Investments-Kouros France

Florence Duval Kouros

Florence Duval

Legal director-Kouros France

Alain Guinot

Chief Technology Officer - Kouros France

Jean-Baptiste Mossa

Hydrogen Projects - Kouros SA

Vincent Faure Kouros

Vincent Faure

Upstream Investment Director - Kouros France

Daria Smetanina Kouros

Daria Smetanina

Portfolio and Reporting Manager-Kouros France