Kouros SCALE-UP: a strategic dialogue to build a tailored solution


Kouros has developed the SCALE-UP program, to tackle the difficulties which start-ups and SMEs face in the launching or boosting of their industrial product development and in accessing new markets.

Financing being necessary yet insufficient, Kouros SCALE-UP offers tailored support to start-ups and SMEs.

Extensive exchanges between the companies’ founders and executives and Kouros’ investment and experts team are organized to achieve a common assessment of the industrial goals and associated needs (HR, financing, commercial, industrial, technical …).

The short-term benefit for the business partners results in a common action plan for the efficient achievement of an industrial phase, the launching of new products or the reaching of new markets.

A further step can be Kouros’ long-term investment in the company and/or the creation of a JV dedicated to accessing specific markets and/or any appropriate solutions to support the company in the long run.

Is your company facing industrialization or business development challenges?
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