Building an Industrial Leader

Kouros was founded by the French lawyer and entrepreneur Alexandre Garèse, its beneficial owner.

The aim of Alexandre Garèse and his team is to build an alternative industrial group in energy business to serve its clients’ needs.
In contrast to most investment funds which seek short-term performance for a maximum 6- to 7-year horizon before disposal, Kouros’ vision is to commit with its partners to a long-term basis for the operational development of industrial and commercial projects.

Energy Transition and Circular Economy

Kouros’ investments are focused on two main sectors, which are more and more cross-linked: 

  • Energy transition, notably in Europe, where Kouros is concerned about investing in downstream and midstream gas and power markets, emerging energy sources and technology bricks for energy
  • Circular economy, and more specifically, recycling and innovative solutions to address human needs



North America


Mediterranean Bassin



Downstream & Midstream Gas & Power


Emerging energy sources


Technology bricks for energy


Circular economy

Vertical integration and innovation strategy

Kouros’ approach is to build highly competitive and differentiating business positions, thanks to a vertical integration strategy and to the development of innovative products and services, mainly in LNG and green electricity value chains.

  • With vertically-integrated activities along the entire gas chain, Kouros preserves and stabilizes economic effectiveness and benefits thanks to competitive access to primary resources. This model is implemented and operated with Enerxia, the sister company owned by Alexandre Garèse, dedicated to investments in the Oil & Gas upstream sector in Central Europe and Russia.
  • In the power sector, Kouros also develops a vertically-integrated business starting from green electricity generation positions.
  • Innovation is crucial and in small-scale LNG business, Kouros demonstrates a unique ability to develop and manage customized LNG supply chains in order to provide its customers with optimal solutions in terms of operational conditions and price competitiveness.

Innovation is at the heart of Kouros’ business strategy

In the energy transition sector, where Kouros aims at creating innovative energy chains which are better fitted to end users’ needs and more performant than traditional ones.

In the circular economy sector, where Kouros supports new innovative solutions which are being created to tackle the most challenging current issues.

Operational expertise and effectiveness

Kouros truly differentiates itself through 

  • A long-term approach
  • Integrated business models
  • A capacity to develop its own industrial projects, internally or in partnership with established operating companies
  • An efficient decision-making process in new investments or project realizations